Mapping the Hedge City — Vancouver and Global Capital 測繪對衝城市 — 溫哥華與國際資本

The First Annual Larry Bell Urban Forum: Presented by UBC Urban Studies. In partnership with SFU City Program and SFU Urban Studies.


Twenty years ago, geographer David Harvey described London’s redeveloped Docklands as a “landing strip for capital” from investors around the world. Today, Vancouver has joined London, New York, Sydney and other nodes of a world network of “Hedge Cities”—places to buy real estate to store capital as insurance against an uncertain future. How are cities and public policy reshaped by a world of transnational investment?

二十年前,地理學家大衛·哈維將倫敦重新開發的德克蘭稱為“國際資本的聚點”。如今,溫哥華與倫敦、紐約、悉尼等城市齊名, 也躋身於世界“對衝城市”行列。所謂“對衝城市”是國際投資者為了抵禦未知風險而將資本投入當地房地產市場的城市。在跨國投資的衝擊下,城市與市政條例是如何調整的呢?

The Larry Bell Urban Forum is made possible by a generous donation by Larry Bell to the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia. Presented by UBC Urban Studies.


Chinese Subtitle by the students of SFU Diploma Program of Interpretation and Translation (2016 and 2017 classes)

Andy Yan, Acting Director, City Program, SFU

Elder Jim White, SFU Elders Program,

Marwan Hassan, Professor and Department Head of Geography, UBC

Craig Jones, PhD Candidate, UBC

Keynote Presentation
David Ley, Professor, UBC Geography

Panel Discussion
Meg Holden, Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Geography, SFU

Manuel Aalbers, Associate Professor of Social and Economic Geography, University of Leuven

Dallas Rogers, Lecturer in Social Sciences, Heritage, and Tourism, Western Sydney University

Angie Y. Chung, Associate Professor of Sociology, State University of New York at Albany

J. Rhys Kesselman, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Public Finance, School of Public Policy, SFU

Melissa Fong, PhD candidate in Planning and Geography, University of Toronto

Ian Young, Vancouver correspondent and former international editor, South China Morning Post; columnist, The Hongcouver.

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