Brazil: History, Geography, Economy & Culture

Taking up half the continent of South America, Brazil is host to vast array of landscapes and biomes – from the steamy Amazon Rainforests, to the savannah of the Planalto Central, and the lush Atlantic Forests. 🇧🇷

One of the largest countries in the world in terms of land area and population, it is a unique blend of cultures from Europe, Africa and the native land itself. The history of Brazil is one of colonial exploitation and slavery, that, despite the efforts of enlightened leaders such as Dom Pedro II under the Empire of Brazil, today sees corruption and social inequality hold back what would otherwise already be a major global power. 🇧🇷

Despite its colonial past Brazil worked hard to enter the modern age in the 20th Century under presidents such as Getulio Vargas, and a new capital at Brasilia began in 1960s after a massive modernistic building program under the architect Oscar Niemeyer. The economy continued to expand despite political repression under the dictatorship of the 1970s and 1980s, with companies such as Embraer joining an elite club of international aerospace companies developing large aircraft. Brazilian politics has never been quiet and the current president of Jair Bolsonaro continues to divide opinion both at home and abroad. 🇧🇷

A global giant in agriculture, it has become self-sufficient in terms of energy needs, and its manufacturing size is now only second to the USA in the Americas. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most iconic and famous of all world cities, while giant São Paulo beats even New York in size to be the largest city in the Americas. Indeed Brazil’s population is truly massive, over 200 million call themselves Brazilian, and live in diverse cities across all of the States of Brazil, from Curitiba in the South, Belo Horizonte in the centre of Minas Gerais, to Salvador Bahia and Recife in the North-East, and lastly, unique Manaus in the heart of the Amazon. 🇧🇷

This is the country that brought Samba, Carnival and Bossa Nova to the world and we look at the development and history of this globally influential rhythms. It is the country with the greatest of all national football teams, with players such as Pele and Neymar household names. 🇧🇷

👉0:00 Opening Montage
👉0:59 Introduction and Titles
👉2:12 Origins and Colonial History
👉7:42 Independence
👉10:26 Modern History
👉16:00 Current Affairs and Government
👉20:45 Physical Geography
👉26:31 Human Geography
👉31:35 Economy
👉34:05 Global Cultural Impact
👉36:21 Outro


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