US Visa Common Questions – Part I 美国签证常见问题解答 (上)

Since there have been some big changes around F-1 student visa, H1B work visa lottery process, as well as the executive order around H1B visa, in this video, I invited my friend Yan who’s a lawyer focusing on immigration to explain some common questions regarding CPT, OPT, F1 visa, H1B visa, H4 visa, as well as green card application which will be discussed in the Part II of this video. Hopefully this video can answer some of your questions. Please feel free to leave your questions in the comment, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
由于最近F1签证和H1B签证抽签程序以及H1B的总统行政令的出台导致了很大的变革,在本期视频中,我邀请来了我的朋友yan,她是一名在美国律所工作的移民律师,今天她会在这期视频中帮助大家解答关于CPT, OTP, 学生签证(F1签证),工作签证(H1B签证),以及H4签证的主要变革以及常见问题。希望这期视频能解答大家的部分问题。如果你有其他任何问题,欢迎在视频下发留言,我们会尽快给与答复。

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